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Blue Collar Marketing Review – What You Need to Know!

Bue Collar Marketing Review

Blue Collar Marketing Review


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This is our Blue Collar Marketing Review. If you’re looking for the official Blue Collar Marketing site please click the
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The first time of heard of the Blue Collar Marketing was from following Ryan Moran one of the creators of this product.I like Ryan’s approach to internet marketing and his ambition to have his marketing business allow him to experience a freedom filled lifestyle.

Ryan attributes his success in internet marketing to his relationship with Travis Sago, the other creator of this product.Travis is a very successful marketer and has a very down to earth view of his business.

I purchased this product because I liked their simplistic approach to marketing and my own desire to build a business for myself that would allow me to have more freedom in my life, both personal and financial. Let me share with you about this product.

Here is my Blue Collar Marketing Review!

Blue Collar Marketing Review – What Is It?

Blue Collar Marketing teaches you a simple and effective strategy to start and maintain a successful online marketing business.

It is based on setting up a simple one page website. Don’t let that scare you. They give you all of the instructions if you want to set this up yourself or they offer an option for you to have a free website built for you.

Next this course teaches fast and easy ways to get traffic. These methods are simple and all of the instructions are included to make this simple to implement.The traffic you will generate will allow you to attract real responsive visitors to your website and build a subscriber list.

This course teaches you about the four basic categories of niches that work best with this method.  It also teaches you how to pick a hot selling product that the hungry buyers from your new subscriber list will be anxious to purchase.

The most important thing that this course teaches is that all of us have the basic skills to build a business like this. We use these skills in our lives everyday. This course shows you how to take the skills that you already have and apply them to create a business to that can improve your life and the well being of your family.

Blue Collar Marketing – What I Liked

I liked how clear and simple the information in Blue Collar Marketing is. Everything is concise. The material is presented in audios and videos, but there is also transcripts available. This makes it easy to learn the material. If your don’t have time to watch the videos read the transcripts or you can go back and look through the transcripts if you need to review some information without having to watch the video again. This is a real time saver.

Another great asset is the forum that they have created for their customers. Forums are a great way to interact with other users of the product and can be a great resource in and of themselves. You never have to feel you are all alone in your learning process because you can interact with others that are doing the same thing

The Blue Collar Marketing – What I Didn’t Like

There is not much I didn’t like about this product. I did think that the sales video for Blue Collar Marketing was a little long.

I was a little disappointed that some of the traffic methods taught in the course are not free. While this course is very affordable,  you will need to invest some time and have the choice to invest some money in the traffic methods to get the best results.

Blue Collar Marketing – Overall Thoughts

Overall I really like the Blue Collar Marketing method. The creators of this product have really made this simple and to the point. The information here can save you having to buy many other courses because everything you need is included here.

If you are beginner to internet marketing this is a great way to start and one of the fastest ways to get started earning money. I was able to implement this strategy very quickly. If you are a more experienced marketer there is also a lot that you can learn here.

Ryan Moran and Travis Sago are experienced and successful marketers. Just listening to them  and observing how they approach their business and their lives is educational. This course is worth every penny. Join me in learning and applying this “blue collar” way to market.

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Click Here For Blue Collar Marketing

Blue Collar Marketing Review

Blue Collar Marketing Review

A Landing Page is a simple one page website that a visitor is taken to after they click on an

online advertisement or a search engine result. These pages can also be called a destination page, squeeze page, or a lead capture page.

There are actually two types of landing pages. The first is a reference landing page. This page gives information to the page visitor. The information can be displayed in a variety of forms. The second type of landing page, and the type that is used in the Blue Collar Marketing method, is a transactional landing page. On this page the visitor is presented with information and is also encouraged to fill out a form, provide an email address on click on an advertisement. The information that is given by the visitor is “captured”. For instance an email is gathered. These pages are used to build email lists of prospective leads

A landing page displays information related to the keyword that was searched by the visitor. Visitors can reach your lading page from a variety of marketing methods such as paid advertising, blog posts, forum visits, or banner ads of specific keyword searches. The goal of the landing page is to make the visitor a potential new client or customer.

It is important to think about what you are offering the potential customer who is visiting your landing page and ask yourself these questions. Is your offer compelling? Is the information helpful? Is information provided that can solve a problem? Finally, is it related to the sale or niche that you want to relate to? To capture email addresses you will need an opt-in form from an email service provider.

Travis Sago has tested his landing page extensively.  He has perfected this page for the kind of marketing he does. His page converts so well that he has named it “The Magic Tease Page”.  This page is a word-press plug in that is easily installed.

With Blue Collar Marketing and The Magic Tease Page you will learn the secrets to creating a successful landing page. You will learn how to write a compelling headline, how to provide related information to your visitor through simple bullet points.  You will also learn how to set up an account with an email service provider and add an opt-in form to your page.  The main goal of this website is to provide your visitor with “teasor” information, hence the name “magic tease page”. Complete instructions are included in Blue Collar Marketing to help you with this simple process.

Do you want to learn how to create a landing page that is profitable and builds your email list? Do you want to learn the secrets of a high converting opt-in page? If you answered yes to these questions, then I have the answer for you. Blue Collar Marketing and the Magic Tease Page is the answer to all you landing page questions. Check out my Blue Collar Marketing Review.



Blue Collar Marketing Review

Blue Collar Marketing Review

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List building is important has been deemed to be an essential part of building an internet marketing business. Many marketing teachers proclaim “the money is in the list”. However it can be overwhelming to learn how to approach email marketing.

List building is about building relationships with people. You want your email to be opened and read. I have certain people who email me who always have such a compelling headline and I know they always offer valuable information that I end up opening and reading their emails almost every time they send one.  People want value and a way to connect with you.

In affiliate marketing the creators of products will offer sample emails to send to your list.  How many times have you been sent the same email from different people during a product launch? If you are sending the same email to promote a product as the next guy, what can make yours stand out and get opened and read? Why will people want to open your email versus someone else?

Travis Sago has become extremely successful using email lists to promote affiliate products. Travis has written “My Million Dollar marketing Sequence”, which is a nine page document where he outlines the approaches and secrets he has developed to build his internet marketing business. This document comes along with Blue Collar Marketing.

Travis Sago has perfected his email marketing sequence. He creates a way for the reader to relate to him and create excitement and be entertained at the same time. He connects to people’s emotions. He offers an extra bonus to add to the product he is presenting. He plays on certain triggers that buyers have to encourage them to take action, while at the same time he is entertaining and educating them though out his marketing sequence.

You don’t need to be a proficient email writer to get started with Blue Collar Marketing.  You just need to follow the steps that Travis lays out and put his ideas to good use. He lets you in on his reasoning and lays everything out in simple, easy to follow steps that anyone can learn to do.
With Blue Collar Marketing and My Million dollar Marketing Sequence by Travis Sago you will learn this and much more. You will learn the six secrets that Travis uses in his emails. You will learn how this method can help you receive maximum money from a minimum amount of subscribers. This can definitely lead to a six figure business if you apply it well.

Do you want to learn how to create an email sequence that is profitable and builds your relationship with your list? Do you want to learn the secrets of a million dollar marketing email sequence? If you answered yes to these questions, then I have the answer for you. The answer is Blue Collar Marketing and the Million Dollar Marketing Sequence by Travis Sago. This is the answer to all of your questions. Check out my Blue Collar Marketing Review.